The tradition of sport fishing in the area of ​​the town of Gospić is very long and dates back to 1927, when the Sport Fishing Association “Lika” was founded.
SFA «Lika» Gospić manages the Lika river and its tributaries (Počiteljica, Glamočnica, Jadova, Potok Balatin, Brušanica, Rizvanuša, Lopuža, Novčica, Bogdanica, Bužimica, Otešica s Pazarišnicom, Potok Tisovac, Potok Crno Vrilo, Potok Rakovac, Potok Bakovac), which is altogether 155 km of river and 1500 hectares together with the accumulation lake Kruščica. The waters are inhabited by twentytwo fish species, most notably: trout, pike, common carp, grass carp, tench, catfish, goldfish, perch, and chub.

The upper (spring) parts of the stream are the home to the autochthonous endemic species Lika Pijor or Lika Pijur (Phoxinellus croaticus), which is typical of karstic areas.

Besides rivers, the area of ​​Lake Kruščica is especially attractive to sport fishermen, where capital specimens of over 90 kilograms, carp over 25 kilograms, pike over 15 kilograms, tench and chub over 3 kilograms can be found.

Sport Fishing Association «Lika» Gospić
Ljudevita Gaja 10, 53000 Gospić
Landline: +385 53 57 44 23
Fax: +385 53 57 44 23

Association president: Dane Kruljac +385 98 245 025
Association secretary: Vrban Josipa +385 98 166 7959
Fishery Protection Service:
Dane Kruljac +385 98 245 025
Ivica Vrban +385 9857 083

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