The Lika Museum

The Lika Gospić Museum was founded in 1958, and since 1965 it has been housed in today’s building, a cultural monument, built in the late 18th century, as the office and apartment of Colonel General of the Lika Regiment during the Military Border.

Since its foundation, it has been the Museum of the Municipality of Gospić, and in 1970 it grew into a regional museum, i.e., since then it has taken care of all movable monumental heritage and immovable cultural monuments in the Lika region, and today it’s responsible for the continental part of Lika-Senj County.

According to categorization, the Lika Gospić Museum belongs to the group of complex museums, which means that, within its institution, it unites and takes care of all areas from the turbulent and rich past of the Lika area:

  • Archaeological Department with the attached Lapidarium,
  • Numismatic Department,
  • Cultural and historical department with the corresponding Collection of weapons and the Collection of furniture,
  • Ethnographic Department,
  • Gallery department. 

One of the specificities of this Museum is the only traditional art manifestation The Lika Annals of Art, popularly known as Likanale, which has continuously been bringing together a large number of renowned artists since 1966 – painters, sculptors, graphic artists, ceramists… who have special ties to this area, and whose works create a rich gallery Fundus of the Museum.

The museum has so far conducted or participated in numerous archaeological excavations. In addition to the systematic research of the medieval period, research is also planned at numerous other sites. At the same time, reconnaissance and supervision of the archeological heritage of Lika is continuously carried out.

The following exhibits within the Museum are open to visitors:

The permanent archeological exhibition Terra Viva, which shows the overall image of Lika from prehistory to the end of the Middle Ages, i.e., the Turkish rule.

The permanent ethnographical exhibition is located inside the museum yard, in a special, traditional Lika log cabin with shake roofing and appropriate interior design, which accompanies traditional events during the seasons thanks to minor modifications. 

The permanent gallery exhibition named From the Fundus of the Gallery Department, 20th and 21st century are presented by a selection of works from the gallery fundus, arranged in several units, i.e., exhibited in five rooms on the first floor of the Museum. Among others, there are works by M. Kraljević, N. Mašić, M. Uzelac, L. Rupčić, M. Tartaglia, Z. Šulentić, Z. Prica, E. Murtić, O. Gliha, I. Šebalj, J. Knifer, S. Golac, and P. Dolić.

The permanent exhibition from the Cultural-Historical Department is mostly represented by the Furniture Collection, which provides an overview of the life of the people of Gospić from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. 

In addition to the listed Permanent Exhibitions, visitors can also see occasional exhibitions according to annual plans.

The museum also has a professional open type library and it is a way for making contact with the users,  mainly pupils and students.

At the same time, the museum is working on permanent annual education of children, from preschool to adolescence, in cooperation with kindergartens, schools, and universities.

The Lika Gospić Museum has been taking care of Nikola Tesla’s birth home since 1964 and, on July 10, 2006, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth, the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center Smiljan was opened as a special museum unit.

Group reservations

Announcement of group visits is mandatory, and the appointment is made exclusively in writing, or by phone +385 53 560 545.

The availability of the desired date can be checked at +385 53 572 051, but if you fill out the form on this page and your date is not available, we will contact you. APPOINTMENT RESERVATIONS ARE VALID ONLY WITH WRITTEN PROOF OF APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION.

Organized visit ticket pricing (groups of more than 15):

  • adults 6,00€
  • pupils, students, retirees 3,00€

Professional guide in Croatian – 20,00€
Professional guide in English – 30,00€
Children younger than 7 enter the Museum for free.
The tour length is around an hour and a half or subject to agreement.

The Lika Museum
Address: Dr. Franje Tuđman 3, 53000 Gospić
Landline: +385 53 572 051

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