Presenting two of many attractive hunting grounds in Lika:

Hunting grounds  Vrebac

Mountain hunting grounds located in the heart of Lika in the Lika highlands between the mountain massifs of Velebit and Lička Plješivica. The hunting area is 12640 hectares. These hunting grounds are rich in black game and have a stable wild boar population of about 400 to 500 heads. In the last ten hunting seasons, these hunting grounds have produced 70 medal boars, 28 of which gold. The strongest boar trophy from these hunting grounds was won in the hunting season of 2005/2006 andorganized by the hunting agency. With 134.65 CIC points, it ranks 6th on the current ranking list of the strongest boar trophies in the country.

The whole of Lika is suitable for hunting because the forests of Lika are rich in game (foxes, deer, rabbits, wild boars, wolves, etc.) and feathered game (ducks, quails, pigeons, etc.), and there are several hunting associations.

Lika-Senj County Hunters’ Association
Ljudevita Gaja 10, PP 35, 53000 Gospić, Croatia
Phone/Fax: 053 / 560917
Person responsible: Mićo Svetić
Foundation year:  1995

Lika hunters’ association is one of the older, if not the oldest citizens’ associations in Gospić. Its primary activities are game breeding and protection, and the culling is based on hunting and game management plans and hunting grounds management plans. The hunters’ association actively participates in all landscaping actions in the city.

Lika Hunters’ Association
Grofa J. Draškovića 13, 53000 Gospić
053 560 914

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