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Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch
Velika Plana
Phone/WhatsApp: +385992082222

Welcome to Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, an intimate and luxurious haven on Velebit, in the UNESCO-protected and untouched wilderness. Our ranch is a first-class riding destination in Croatia, which is attractive to anyone looking for an ecological holiday destination.

We are extremely proud of one of the best herds of horses in Croatia, which is a part of our colorful ranch. This is not a common or simple occurrence, but it is largely due to the fact that we run our entire program with horses on our own.

For those who are looking for a one-day adventure, we have prepared a customized program with the offer of six main activities, i.e., excursions. A two-hour ride, a full day of riding, and a carriage ride will introduce you to the basics of riding, and together with the offer of hiking, canoeing, and jeep trips, it will reveal some of the hidden natural resources and beauties of the Velebit region. In addition to one-day excursion programs, we also offer multi-day excursion programs, from a simpler version of riding to the ultimate cowboy adventure where you will experience a true cowboy lifestyle.The Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is an ideal place for people looking for a completely different holiday in a relaxed environment of an authentic, intimate ambience, which will create the feeling of a second home in a short time. Typical accommodation includes rooms, suites, chalets, and indigenous cowboy teepees. All accommodation includes comfortable soft beds, private bathrooms (teepees have separate bathrooms), patios, and mountain views. The decor of the accommodation is adapted to the best standard of ranch living, with benefits and activities that help guests relax after an active day spent on horseback riding and adventures in the wilderness. Our Studio, Saloon, and Secret Garden, with their spacious indoor and outdoor spaces, offer a space for the guests’ rest and relaxation, as well as a break from further activities and excitement.

Ranch Vel’ki Mlin
Ribnik bb,
53000 Gospić
Phone: +385989266391

PG Grgurić is located in the Lika village of Ribnik, near Gospić. The Grgurić family farm is the home to the Vel’ki mlin ranch. Today, the ranch has around 30 horses on a ranch which is the size of a city neighborhood, where the horses are free to roam during the entire year.

The ranch is open for visitors and the Grgurić family is at disposal to everyone who wants to ride recreationally.

The Klanac Ranch
Klanac 127
53212 Klanac, Croatia
Phone: +385955318543

The Klanac ranch is located in the heart of Lika, in the small village of the same name, near the town of Gospić. Due to its specific configuration, this space is an ideal place for adventurers, those looking for an active vacation, but also for anyone who simply wants to escape from everyday stress and find refuge in this unique area of strength and tranquility.

Due to various historical factors, Lika is exposed to systematic depopulation, which is why this rural area is economically underdeveloped, but ecologically extremely preserved. Enjoying horseback rides in untouched nature, recreation, and general enjoyment of natural beauty are services are available to us and they enrich us in countless ways.

Our goal is to be a small part of sustainable tourism, also known as green tourism or ecotourism, and it is not just a marketing ploy, but a responsible trip and a stay in natural areas where care is taken to preserve the environment and improve the lives of locals.

We won’t provide you with the convenience of air conditioning, sterile hotels, crazy night parties or crowded beaches, but we can enable you to explore the environment and get to know the true natural beauty and our local rural values and traditions.
Offer: Individual training in a fenced riding arena, guided horseback riding, field riding, riding school, horseback riding, horse socialization, horse adoption, photography with horses, swimming with horses in the river.

Mystic Mountain Ranch
Josip: +38598768509
Kristyna: +385993819484

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