The Velebit Nature Park

The nature park “Velebit” is the largest protected natural object in Croatia. It includes the most important mountain in terms of relief and vegetation not only in Croatia, but also in the Mediterranean which, due to its natural values and significance for the preservation of the planet’s biodiversity, as part of the Man and Biosphere (MAB) scientific program, was included by a UNESCO Charter into a network of international biosphere reserves. The Velebit area is the most important endemic hub of flora and terrestrial fauna in Croatia. Velebit degenija, Croatian Bellflower, Croatian Sibireja, long-legged bat, black grouse, wolf, lynx, and brown bear are just some of the endangered species that live in this area. One of the main reasons for the protection of Velebit are many karst forms, and the rich cultural heritage of the Park (Jozefinska, Terzijanska roads, the well in Baške Oštarije, Pisani kamen [Written Stone], shepherd’s dwellings, “mirila” (tombstones) and others) testify to the life and activity of man in this area.

There are four educational trails in the Park. The Kudin most trail leads to the most beautiful part of the Krupa river with waterfalls and travertine cascades over which Kudin most (Kuda’s bridge) leads. It is the oldest preserved crossing over the Krupa river built in the dry stone wall technique. The educational trail Zavratnica leads to a significant landscape, the bay Zavratnica, one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Adriatic.

The third trail leads from Starigrad Senjski to Donja Klada and introduces visitors to traditional stone architecture, and the fourth is Terezijana, which is actually part of the old Austro-Hungarian road dating back to the 18th century.

Kudin most
Starigrad Senjski – Donja Klada

The Terezijana educational trail is part of the old Austro-Hungarian road built in 1786 in order to better connect Gospić with Karlobag. The educational trail starts in Baške Oštarije (924 m above sea level), and descends to the lookout point above the village of Konjsko (655 m above sea level) in the length of 3 km. This is the long tour and lasts from 2.5 to 3 hours.

There is also a short walking tour of about 1.5 hours, where the first third of the way (to Oštarijski Ždril) follows Terezijana, and the rest of the way requires a slight ascent to the top of Debela kosa (972 m above sea level). The ascent is not demanding and it’s suitable for people who don’t have a lot of endurance. After a short walk along the Debela kosa ridge, from where there are beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea and the island of Pag on one side and the valley of Baške Oštarije on the other, the trail descends to the Oštarijska vrata pass.

In 2007, the Ministry of Culture declared Terezijana a cultural good.

Velebit hiking trails are a favorite destination for visitors and one of the trademarks of the park. Velebit Nature Park selected 14 trails, from easy to difficult, which gives a wide range of visitors a direct experience of the mountain and its surroundings. All you need are hiking shoes and clothes and enough drinking water. You should always check the weather conditions.

Štirovača – Jovanović padež – ŠatorinaKugina kuća – Težakovačko vrilo – Šatorinski doci – ŠatorinaPremužićeva staza – Ograđenica – ŠatorinaVranjkova draga – Veliki KozjakLubenovac – Veliki KozjakPremužićeva staza Baških Oštarije – Veliki AlanBudakovo brdo – Bačić kukBaške Oštarije – KizaBaške Oštarije – Ljubičko brdoBaške Oštarije – SadikovacRizvanuša – VisočicaLjubotić – StapPrezid – sklonište Crnopac – CrnopacPut Malog Princa

Velebit Nature Park
Kaniža Gospićka 4b, 53000 Gospić

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